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The Importance of your product packaging cannot be understated. First impressions count, and if your product tube packaging isn’t up to scratch, your end customers will vote with their feet.

Quite often, your tube packaging is your end consumers’ first introduction to your product. This is especially true if your tubes are on display rather than packed into an outer box.

This is why you should never overlook the quality and presentation of your product tube packaging. How your tube looks and performs goes a long way in securing first-time customers and repeat customers who like to stay loyal to a brand.

Tube testing machine

At the most basic level, your tube packaging helps to protect your product and maintain its integrity. Not only does your tube packaging keep your product safe during transportation and while being on display, but it also represents your brand.

Your tube packaging must remain robust and reliable and look good while on the shelf to attract consumers. Consumers also expect your tubes to function securely, so you need to ensure your tubes meet their expectations. You do this through regular tube testing.

The best way to test your sealed tubes is with a tube testing machine. We can supply you with a tube testing machine that can be placed on your factory floor close to your production run so your quality control team can have easy access to test the integrity of your tubes.

The MSD tube tester is designed to stress the tube and seal internally for a set time, searching for any flaw or weakness. Our machine is unlike standard models on the market because it can be used with large, small, full or empty tubes, even when filled with aerated products.

Hot air nozzles for sleek product presentation

You also need to consider how your tube packaging displays and promotes the product held within. Your tube look and style is critical if you work in the food or beauty industry.

Having attractive tube packaging is essential in these industries, and even the finish of your tube seal will affect a customer’s opinion of your product. How neatly your tube is sealed can often be the difference between your product being purchased or left on the shelf.

Hot air tube sealers are one of the most popular machines for producing attractive looking seals on product tubes. The sealing process involves hot air being passed through a nozzle directly onto the open end of the plastic tube. 

The heat softens the end of the plastic tube, which is then clamped together with a set of tube sealing jaws. The seal formed is not only quick and efficient to perform, but it leaves a neat seal that looks attractive.

Our team at MSD Ltd. can supply you with all the hot air nozzles and other change parts you need to keep your hot air sealing machines running smoothly.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We can offer help to those just setting up their production line and new to operating tube filling machines of all types. 

Dosing pump replacement parts

A part of delivering the product that your end consumer wants is to ensure that you fill your tubes with the precise amount of product. If you under-fill your tubes, your customers will feel short-changed and quickly switch brands. 

If you over-fill your tubes with a product, it can compromise the integrity of your tubes and will prevent them from sealing properly. This will result in wasted products and tubes. This is why your tube filling machines need to have high-quality dosing pump components.

MSD-Ltd is a leading UK supplier of dosing pumps and dosing pump replacement parts. They act to draw up and deliver an exact measure of either chemicals, medicines, cleaning fluids and other liquid substances directly into containers.

We can supply you with the right type of dosing pump change parts for your needs and guarantee that they are the best quality on the market. We only provide long-lasting and trustworthy change parts because we know how much your business relies on them.

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