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MSD-Ltd is a leading UK supplier of dosing pumps and dosing pump replacement parts for manufacturing businesses. We can ensure that your business receives not only the right type of dosing pump for your needs but that they are of the best quality available on the market and are built to deliver long-lasting trustworthy performance.

Dosing pumps are critical components that are also called positive displacement pumps. They act to draw up and deliver an exact measure of either chemicals, medicines, cleaning fluids and other liquid substances directly into containers.

However, for the dosing pump to work efficiently, you must make sure that you use the right type of dosing pump in your machine and it must also be made from materials that are resistant to the type of liquid being measured by the pump.

The last point is especially important should your pump be handling corrosive chemicals or high-temperature liquids that could melt or warp the pump materials.

 Ask our expert team

As with any machine part you use on your production line, if you are unsure about what type of dosing pump or dosing pump replacement parts you need for the machines you use, or you use your machines to process a different range of liquid products, it is wise to talk to our friendly team at MSD.

Our in-house engineers are experts in the field of component parts and will be able to tell you exactly which dosing pumps you need on your production line and if you need to swap them out for a different type when you change over to a different liquid run.

We can supply you with as many dosing pumps as you need when you need them. We always keep a good stock of filling machine change parts and dosing pumps and can get them delivered directly to your door swiftly and efficiently.

Dosing pump materials

Due to the nature of the work they do, dosing pumps are very hard-working machine components and need to be robust and made from materials that don’t easily wear out, warp, crack or melt under pressure or when using high-temperature liquids.

Depending on what you are producing, you can choose from dosing pumps made from chemical resistant plastic such as PVC or PE, which are a good choice if your machines are handling chemicals that are corrosive to metal such as chemical cleaning products.

Dosing pumps are also made from stainless steel, which offers great durability and longevity and is most suitable for use within a high-temperature or very high-pressure environment, or a strong rubber material to offer a great amount of flexibility.

The pumps are constructed with a suction line attachment that fits the pump inlet, and a dosing line that allows the liquid to be drawn into the pump chamber.

How dosing pumps work

For any manufacturer, they need to keep their costs down and one way to do this is to avoid creating too much wastage during their product processing. Dosing pumps help to keep waste levels down by filling tubes without any unnecessary product overspill, which is simply wasted product.

They do this by controlling the flow rate of the liquid product and drawing a precisely measured amount of liquid product into the pump holding chamber that is then pressure-pumped into the packaging, such as a plastic tube.

Dosing pumps are commonly used in tube-filling machines that are used by a wide range of manufacturing industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, health, beauty and food. It is important for the businesses bottom-line that waste levels are kept as low as possible, and dosing pumps are a critical component of a production line that helps with this.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at MSD to discuss your dosing pump needs including dosing pump replacement parts. 

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