Hot Air Nozzles For Tube Sealing Machines

It is important to understand the various types of plastic tube filling and sealing machines on the market today and what equipment and materials, such as hot air nozzles, they need for optimal performance.

Plastic tube filling machines come with a choice of ultrasonic sealing, impulse sealing, hot-jaw sealing or hot-air sealing. You need to match the correct type of squeeze tube with the right type of sealing equipment and method to ensure your product has a strong seal and a professional finish.

Depending on the type of plastic tube material you use, you will get different seal results. For example, a sealing technique that is perfect for a monolayer polyethene plastic tube will not give the same seal results when using a multi-layer COEX tube. 

This is why if you are just starting out with a new manufacturing business, you need to carefully research the ideal filling and sealing machinery and equipment you need based on what your end product will be.

If you are planning on manufacturing tube-filled products, such as cosmetic tubes, food-filled tubes such as purees, personal care tubes such as eye cream, pharmaceutical tubes, liquid glue tubes, or industrial tubes, you need to choose the right tube filling and sealing equipment, which can be challenging, especially if you are new to the business.

Hot air tube sealers

One of the most popular types of tube sealing machines is the hot air tube sealer. This involves hot air being generated and carefully blown into the open end of the plastic tube. The hot air acts to soften the wall of the tube just enough to make it pliable enough for a set of tube sealing jaws to pinch the end of the tube together, forming a seal.

One of the reasons why this method is so popular with manufacturers is that it is the quickest and speediest method for sealing multiple numbers of tubes, which is important for your productivity levels.

Hot air tube sealers also work very well with the largest range of plastic or laminate tubes available, so when you are looking for a tube material to use that will work with hot air sealing, look for LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP, Monolayer or multi-layer tubing material, with or without EVOH barrier protection. Any of these types of tubing material should work with your hot air tube sealing machines.

Hot air nozzle requirements

The only downside of the hot air sealing process is that you will need to make sure you have hot air nozzles that are sized to meet each diameter tube that is sealed. This will mean more money will be needed for the change parts for your tube run.

However, the cost of hot air nozzle change parts is quite minimal when you factor in the speed and efficiency that your production line will be running at and the higher throughput you will achieve.

If you are not sure what sort of hot air nozzles you need for your tube filling and sealing machines, or if you are just in the planning stages of setting up your tube filling production line, then it can help to speak to us at MSD-Ltd.

Our many years of knowledge and expertise in the tube filling and sealing industry are on hand from our team to assist you. No matter if you are just about to set up your company and starting from scratch, or you already have an established production line going, but want to move to a more reliable change part supplier for your hot air nozzles and other change parts, MSD are here to help!

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who can answer your questions and guide you towards buying the right machinery, equipment and change parts for your needs. 

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