Bench Top Bottle Blower

Bench Top Bottle BlowerThis is a small bench top Bottle Blower used to remove unwanted dust and foreign matter from the inside of bottles before they are filled, usually for clear glass or plastic bottles.

It is ideal when filling low volume high value products such as perfumes or contract packing some medical type products.

  1. This bench top bottle blower has adjustable suction level.
  2. Adjustable inlet flow that is split into two air streams. Each air stream feeds a different part of the air probe to ensure dust gets dislodged from all places in the bottles.
  3. The inlet air streams can be oscillated with independent timing on each one.
  4. Quick change air probes.
  5. Process is started by either ‘Nest activation’ pushing the nest down or by manual pushbutton.
  6. Quick change bottle location nests.
  7. Collection filter bag to collect dust and particles.
  8. Small, solid and easy to use.

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