New range of Coding Jaws for Norden Change Parts

IMG_3058MSD have introduced a second range of coding jaws for the Norden range of machines,this supplements our very popular range of ‘deep jaws’.

We have learned through our experience supplying and setting customers machines that the closing and coding station is the most important of any Hot Air machine and the importance of keeping all elements of this station in tip top condition should not be under estimated. A major part in this station and a part that must be kept in pristine condition are the coding jaws, when in good order they make the machine easier and quicker to set as well as producing the quality finish we all look for.

High on our list of priorities for the ‘Adjustable Jaws’ was that they should be easily maintained to keep them at their best, an example of this is the sealing bar which on normal coding jaws produces the narrow defined line under the serration, this in time will get rounded, worn or damaged degrading the finish on the tube. With the ‘MSD adjustable’ jaws this face can be easily reground and reused something you cannot do with other jaws.

The main reason for MSD putting the adjustability into the MSD ‘Adjustable Jaws’ was that many of our customers were having to fill and seal ranges of tube styles often in a variety of materials, hardness or thicknesses.
Something was needed to cope with all this where the protrusion of both the serration bar and the codes needed to be adjusted independently of the sealing bar. We produced our first prototypes for in house use and testing and were a revelation, confirming our thoughts. Now with the MSD ‘Adjustable Jaws’ if you cannot see the code impression they can be moved forward to make them more visible or if the sealing bar cannot be seen clearly the serration can be moved back, it’s easy and you don’t just have put up with things.

The jaws are sold as a kit comprising of two carriers and 3 pairs of interchangeable serration bars. Coding can be single side or both sides, and up to 10, 4 or 5mm tall metal codes can be specified.
The ‘Serration Bar’ supplied will be for plastic tubes, laminated tubes and to produce smooth seals on either material. The serration can be vertical, angled or Diamond with an range of serration depths and shapes and pitches.

Please call MSD to discuss options.

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