Use a Tube Testing Machine for Safer Product Packaging

Did you know that an average of 95% of new products being brought to market will fail within their first year? Learn how our Tube Testing Machine can help.

One of the major contributors to a product failing is that consumers will buy a new product because of its appealing packaging, only to later find that the packaging lets the product down in some way and discourages the consumer from purchasing that product again.

Your product packaging is very powerful because it communicates to your consumers not only your brand identity, but the functionality and practicality of your product.

This is especially true for a product that is purchased in a tube. The consumer is trusting that your tube packaging is effective, safe, reliable and will dispense your product in a measured and controllable way.

Your tube packaging can directly impact your sales

Having great packaging is significant for anyone wanting to launch a new product, but new startups need to make sure that more thought is put into their packaging performance and delivery rather than simply how good it looks.

The quality of your tube packaging can greatly influence your product sales. No matter how good your product, if the packaging is wrong or doesn’t function properly, then your sales could slump.

A perfect example of this happening was when beer manufacturer MillerCoors’ saw a sales slump. The company didn’t change their beer, they just changed the can design and saw a sales increase of nearly 5% the following year as a result.

First impressions last, so use a tube testing machine

We understand that your products tube packaging is meant to deliver a trustworthy and reliable delivery method for your product. But it also communicates what your brand stands for and creates a lasting first impression of your company in the minds of your customer.

This is why you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to deliver an outstanding product in a safe and reliable tube packaging design that will see your company and your products become highly valued and trusted in your marketplace.

Don’t take safety for granted

Consumers often take the safety of the products and services they buy for granted. They never question when their car works perfectly, or their smartphone performs flawlessly. It is because their chosen car and phone manufacturer tested every single component to ensure their product delivers a high level of performance and safety.

This is why it is important for you as a product manufacturer to fully inspect and test your tube packaging to ensure the quality, reliability and safety of your product delivery.

The last thing you want to happen is for your tube packaging to fail or malfunction when your customer uses your product. Should your tube seal fail when pressure is applied to the tube resulting in the product spilling out and damaging or staining skin, clothing, furniture or other surfaces, then you will be faced with possible customer compensation claims and a large-scale product recall that could devastate your company finances and reputation.

MSD tube testing machine

Don’t take any risks. Use a tube testing machine to thoroughly performance test your tube packaging before you release your product to market.

Our tube testing machines are used by a wide range of major industries to deeply scrutinize their product packaging to test their safety and ensure their integrity.

Testing the seal integrity of your empty or filled tubes through a tube testing machine should be part of your repeatable, routine quality control processes. A testing machine should be situated prominently on your production line for easy access by your shop floor operators.

The tube testing process is designed to stress your tube packaging and seal to seek out any design flaws or material weaknesses that could affect your product delivery and safety.

Find out more about our single or multi-head tube burst testers or contact our friendly team to discuss your tube testing machine needs.

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