Choose MSD Ltd For Renting Filling Machine Services

Are you thinking of a renting filling machine service for your production line because you are unsure of the impact of an additional machine on your costs and output?

MSD Ltd provide renting filling machine services to businesses that are looking to try out the effects of more tube filling equipment without having to make the commitment of buying it.

Our Renting Filling Machine Option

We offer our clients the opportunity to rent a tube filling machine for either long or short term rental periods to see if an increase in the rate of output of their products, balances with the costs of running another machine in the workplace.

We can provide tube filling machines from a number of manufacturers within the tube filler sector including; Romaco and Kalix. Depending on your equipment needs, we can provide you with the brand of machinery to meet your requirements that you can rent for an agreed period of time.

If you feel that there hasn’t been a significant change in the speed of production of your products or that the costs would outweigh the increase of production rate, then you are free to return the tube filling machine to us at the end of your rental period. However if you feel that you have seen advantages from the additional equipment, you can extend the rental agreement or choose from our range of tube filling machines that we have available to buy.

If you would like further information about purchasing or renting filling machines from MSD Ltd, then contact us today on: 01462 421400 or email us at:

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