MSD Plastic Tube Sealing and Packaging Machines

Plastic Tube Sealing and Packaging Machines: Commercial packaging machines are used on production lines to securely package products, machine and electronic components. There is a wide range of packaging machines that cover all aspects of product manufacturing, including filling, sealing, wrapping, sleeving, boxing and moulding at many different levels of automation.

There are filling, sealing and packaging machines specifically designed to operate with liquid products such as medicines, cosmetics, toiletries and liquid bonding agents such as glue and other adhesives.

There are different packaging types suitable for the safe transport, storing and dispensing of products depending on the contents. Some examples are aerosol cans, bags and pouches, blister packaging, bottles, tins and jars, cartons, boxes, capsules and tubes.

Plastic tube sealing and packaging is a very common and effective choice for the medical, beauty and food industry where liquid or viscose ingredients need to be kept protected from the air and can be dispensed over time, making a tube container an ideal vehicle.

How MSD can help you

MSD Ltd. is a specialist company dealing in brand new and used tube filling machines and associated parts and equipment. We help to support UK and European manufacturing businesses of all shapes and sizes with our services.

Our years of experience and expert knowledge make us the No.1 company to go to for help with everything from spare parts and change parts for repairs and maintenance of tube filling machines, to brand-new or completely refurbished filling machines when you want a low-cost replacement for an obsolete machine, or you are looking to expand your production line.

If you are interested in keeping your overheads down, read our post about the three benefits of buying used tube filling machines.

We can offer you a range of well-known brands of plastic tube sealing, tube testing machines, and tube filling machinery as well as everything from nuts, bolts and seals, plus any necessary on-site training you may need for the smooth operation of your tube filling machinery on your production line.

In-house spare part manufacturing

Although we carry a good stock of change parts and spare machine parts suitable for most makes of tube filling machines, we have our own very well equipped workshop where our engineers can fashion you any spare parts you may need that are not easily sourced.

Just give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs and we will be able to advise you how we can help!

Plastic tube filling and sealing machines

We can supply and help to maintain your business with plastic tube filling and sealing machines that are widely used in manufacturing products in large and small sectors such as pharmacy and healthcare, cosmetics and toiletries, food and chemical industries. Our machines come with high-grade LCD programming controller and button combined operation screen.

The most common products packaged with our machines include tomato paste, liquid epoxy glue and other adhesives, skin cream, hair colouring and dyes, hair conditioner, shoe polish, and toothpaste.

Our range of tube filling and sealing machines can be set for use with thin liquid to high viscosity paste-type products. Depending on your needs, our plastic tube sealing machines can be set for sealing tubes with a code number or production date pressed into the seal.

We have filling and sealing machines that are suitable for filling and sealing plastic, aluminium and composite tubes that are made with layered aluminium and plastic. If you want to discuss your tube filling and sealing needs, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be happy to help you.

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