Buying Used Tube Filling Machines – 3 Benefits

Buying Used Tube Filling Machines: Regardless of whether you are part of a well-established manufacturing company, or you are just starting out in business, there are many benefits to choosing to buy used tube filling machines over brand new ones, especially during these times of economic uncertainty.

If you are looking to expand your production capacity or you need to replace obsolete tube filling machines on your production line that is too far beyond repair, one thing is certain – you will need to buy ‘new’ tube filling machines.

However, when we say ‘new’ we really mean great used tube filling machines that can replace your broken down ones or to add to your asset base to increase your capacity and productivity levels.

Choosing to buy used machines over brand new ones can offer many benefits. You will be buying tried and tested machines that have been refurbished to be as good as new, as efficient and just as quick to fulfil your needs as buying a new machine with a hefty price-tag.

If you are still sceptical about investing in used tube filling machines over new ones, let’s take a look at three of the main benefits of buying second-hand.

 Lower cost machinery

Yes, this is the most obvious benefit of buying a used tube filling machine, but buying a brand new piece of equipment may be a huge investment that could put a serious dent in your bottom line.

Why blow your cash reserves on purchasing a new machine where you can buy one that is as good as new for less and put the rest of your cash towards other important purchases, essential tools or maintenance costs etc.

At the end of the day by buying a used machine you will be getting exactly what you want, but without wasting more money on a machine that doesn’t have a previous owner. Used tube filling machines from MSD have all been refurbished with new parts and will pay for themselves much quicker than a brand new machine, giving you a larger profit margin.

 Availability and speed of delivery

Another big benefit that many manufacturers forget is that it can often take a long time to order and have a brand new tube filling machine delivered.

Let’s say that your production line has broken down and your old tube filling machine has finally bitten the dust. With MSD used tube filling machines, you can quickly find a replacement and have it delivered to you, greatly reducing your downtime and avoiding a huge dip in your productivity levels.

When ordering some brand new machines you can often face a few weeks wait before delivery. Can you really afford to wait that long for a machine that would cost you probably three times as much as buying a used one?

 Asset depreciation

This is exactly the same as when you buy a brand new car from a dealership and drive it home. As soon as you drive it away it starts to depreciate in value, and the same can be said for buying brand new tube filling machine assets.

A brand new tube filling machine can depreciate in value as much as 20-40% in the first year of ownership. However, used tube filling machines hold on to their value much better, especially when well looked after and maintained.

When you think about your return on investment (ROI) you will get a great ROI when buying used tube filling machines compared to brand new, and you can turn a profit over the initial cost much quicker too!

For more information about the used tube filling machines that MSD has on offer, do not hesitate to get in touch, we are happy to help.

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