Why You Need a Tube Testing Machine

When it comes to products packed and sold in tubes, whether that be a prescription medication, a food product, a liquid glue, or a beauty product, it is essential to use a tube testing machine to test if the packaging is safe, protective and has strong integrity that will prevent any product leakage or spoilage of the contents.

In many cases, your product packaging is part of your product image and helps to forge a positive first impression of your product in the minds of your target customers.

Your product tube packaging helps to protect the content and plays a massive part in the successful delivery and use of your product. This is why you should never overlook the quality and strength of your product tubes.

Protective tube packaging

The tubes you use to package your product, whether plastic or layered metal and plastic composite, the tube serves to protect the content that is held inside. It is the job of the tube to keep the product safe from the moment it is filled, during further packaging and shipment, and all the time it may sit on the shelf of a store or pharmacy.

You must ensure that your tube packaging is sturdy and reliable, and as the end-user will expect your product to work as intended, you must thoroughly test your tube packaging to make sure that it won’t break under pressure.

Using a tube testing machine will test the strength and integrity of your tube packaging. It will highlight any issues with either the material or method of tube sealing you use during manufacture.

For example, when leading toothpaste manufacture, Colgate, wanted to introduce new recyclable tube packaging, their chosen tube material had to go under extensive testing to ensure the integrity and strength of the packaging. This included regular testing using a tube testing machine.

What resulted was Colgate switching from their traditional plastic tubes to a new type of plastic material widely accepted at the countries recycling centres.

Testing new plastic tube materials

The Government is pressuring UK manufacturing companies into improving their sustainability levels. They can use alternative plastic packaging for their products to help reduce their carbon footprint and reduce waste. Still, it is essential to check that the plastic tube material you choose fits the purpose.

White High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the plastic of choice for Colgate; it doesn’t mean that it will sit well with your product.

Suppose you are planning to switch to more sustainable, recyclable plastic tube packaging. In that case, you need to subject your chosen tube alternatives to ongoing rigorous testing to ensure the tube material will be safe to use with your product.

This is especially important for tube content that may react with the plastic tube material. So glue and other liquid adhesives or chemical formulations may not work well with HDPE tubes – but you won’t know without testing!

MSD tube testing machine

Investing in a tube testing machine from MSD makes a lot of sense no matter what type of tube packaging you use for your products. This machine will thoroughly test your tubes’ design, materials, and efficacy to make sure that the tubes you choose are fit for purpose before you commit yourself to the expense of a commercial product run.

There could be nothing more frustrating than to cripple potentially hundreds or thousands of products because you discover the tube material is defective or not suitable for your needs.

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