Tube Filling Machine Repairs and Spare Parts UK

Tube Filling Machine Repairs: MSD Ltd manufacture a wide range of replacement parts for cutting-edge industrial packaging machines for manufacturers production lines. The machine range includes melters, tube filling & closing machines, pneumatic dosing machine, manual sealing machines, bottle filling & capping machines and more.

The manufacturers machines that MSD can support are commonly used across a lot of business sectors, including food manufacturing, cosmetics and hair care, chemical, and healthcare such as pharmaceutical manufacturers.

A product manufacturer can build a complete line using automatic and semi-automatic machines for filling, sealing and labelling dense, semi-dense and liquid products in a wide range of containers from plastic tubes to bottles and jars.

Their latest focus has been on being ableto package biodegradable tubes made with sustainable materials such as recycled plastic and wood fibre, which meets the needs of increasing consumer demands for more sustainable product packaging.

Meeting your tube filling needs

A tube filling machine is a special type of packaging machine that fills tubes with a measured amount of product from a hopper. The machine fills the tube which then goes on to be securely sealed and made airtight so the tube contents don’t spoil or leak.

The choice of tube filling nozzles will depend on the nature of the product being filled, including its viscosity and chemical compatibility. Unfortunately, a lot of the working parts of the filling machine can wear out or break, so we at MSD Ltd can supply you with all the replacement filling nozzles and other change parts that you need for your  tube filling machines.

Our team of trained and highly experienced engineers are also here to offer you support with our repair and spare part services should your machine break down. We are trained in the repair and maintenance of all the major tube filling machines, so you won’t need to worry about having your machine out of action for too long.

We understand that any lengthy downtime on a production line can cost your company heavily, so if we find that your machine needs a lot of attention, you can always rent a replacement machine from us until such time as your machine is back up and running again.

Tube sealing machines

Tube filling and sealing machines use a special technique to prevent the contents of the tube from spilling over. The end of the tube will be sealed in a way that is most suited to the material that the tube is made of.

For example, the fold and crimp method of sealing is used on metal tubes, and plastic tubes are often sealed by heating the end of the plastic tube to melt the plastic and then clamping it together to form an airtight seal. Heat is applied to the end of the tube by using a jet of hot air that melts the plastic walls enough to allow a seal to be formed without damaging the tube contents.

The strength and accuracy of any filling and sealing machine will depend on the quality of the material that was used to manufacture it. This is why the leading manufacturer  tube filling and sealing machines are so popular with a lot of UK product manufacturers.

These manufacturers have a strong track record and long history of building robust and reliable machines to create a very efficient production line. These brands of machine will give you a long working life when treated properly, including regular maintenance and only using the very best quality filling nozzles and change parts.

If you need help with tube filling machine repairs, including spare parts, change parts and nozzles, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team as MSD Ltd. We are here to help!

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