End of line equipment parts for Kalix, Romaco & Axomatic

Used tube filling machines parts for Kalix, Romaco and Axomatic

At MSD we are proud to be able to offer our customers a range of end of line equipment so that you can ensure you always have the parts you need at hand.
The range of equipment for machines from manufacturers such as Kalix, Romaco and Axomatic we offer includes:

• Powered Conveyors
• Coding Heads
• Used Tube Filling Machines
• Checkweighers
• Rotary Tables

As well as the end of line products we have available, we also offer services to keep your production process running smoothly. These services include:

• Change Part Storage Racking
• Change Parts Colour Coding and Etching

We also offer rebuilds and conversions

As well as offering change parts and end of line equipment for your tube filling machines, we also provide our customers with a rebuild and conversion service for any used machinery you acquire.
If you’ve invested in a used machine that needs either rebuilding or converting to complete the tube filling tasks at hand, then our team can do this for you!
We are able to retrofit old machines so that they work with new systems, as we know that tube sizes and filling methods are constantly developing.

If you want to discuss your machinery needs with our team face to face, then call us on 01462 421400 or email us at info@msd-ltd.co.uk so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time to visit you.

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