Plastic Tube Sealing Information

Plastic Tube Sealing Information: As specialists in new and used tube filling and sealing machines for industry, our team at MSD are always on hand to answer your questions.

We have a long history and a good working relationship with many manufacturing industries across the UK and Europe, including health & beauty product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, and food product manufacturers.

Our team of experts are here to support your business no matter whether you need something as simple as change parts for your tube filling machine line to sourcing and supplying a new tube filling line combined with on-site training for your staff in the correct operation, service and maintenance of your tube filling machines.

Specialists in new and used tube filling and tube sealing machines

Our team have years of on the job training and are not only able to keep your business supplied with all the necessary change parts and replacement components you need to keep your manufacturing line operating smoothly, but they can fashion you a bespoke replacement part for machines that are older or need parts that are almost obsolete or difficult to find.

With over 18 years of experience of rebuilding tube filling and sealing machines from the floor up, our team of engineers have built quite the reputation for delivering outstanding service and helping businesses get their broken machines back up and running.

No matter whether you operate a full-scale commercial manufacturing line or you only need a tube sealing machine for small-scale use in an R&D laboratory, our friendly team at MSD are here to help you!

Our vast working knowledge and experience cover the main tube filling and tube sealing makes including Kalix, Norden, IWKA, TGM, Unipac and Romaco.

Choosing the right plastic tube sealing machine

Many new start-up companies will come to us for our advice about the type of machines that would most suit their production needs. A common question we are asked is should they invest in impulse or constant heat plastic tube sealing machines.

Impulse sealing machines are mostly used for single web materials, such as polyethene, where the material is melted to create a seal. However, this type of plastic tube sealing needs to be left to cool to allow the plastic to set before the jaws of the machine are opened to achieve an effective seal.

Impulse sealing is a slower method so may not be a suitable choice for an industrial manufacturing line that needs a swift and constant production, such as a toothpaste manufacturer for example.

A constant heat sealing machine is used for sealing plastic laminate types of material. The sealing jaws of the machine remain at a constant hot temperature so they can quickly melt the outer layer of the laminate at a much higher temperature than the inner layer, yet remain at the perfect temperature to seal the inner layer of the laminate tube.

This is the better choice for a constant production line because the sealing jaws can be connected to bar sealers or rotary sealers where the plastic tubes move through the sealing machine using a motorised conveyor belt.

While this is a much quicker form of plastic tube sealing, it cannot be used on polyethene, so a new manufacturing company needs to make sure they thoroughly research the best tube packaging option for their product.

There are also pneumatically operated or solenoid operated sealing machines that are operated manually using a foot-switch, which can be an ideal solution for small-scale hand production where your manual machine operators are protected from RSI.

No matter what your plastic tube filling needs, MSD are here to help you!

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for some free advice, Plastic Tube Sealing Information and guidance over the purchase or ongoing maintenance of your plastic tube filling machines.

Here at MSD we are specialists in new and used tube filling equipment and spare parts for machines from a range of manufacturers which include Norden, Romaco, IWKA, TGM, Unipac and Kalix tube filling machinery. We supply tube filling equipment for both purchase and rental depending on the needs of our clients.

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