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A Plastic Tube Sealing Machine come with a choice of hot-air sealing, ultrasonic sealing, impulse sealing or hot-jaw sealing processes. It very much depends on the product that you are sealing into your plastic tubes as to which type of seal you should use on your tubes.

The type of plastic tube sealing you choose will also depend on whether your tubes need a seal that gives a good presentation. If your tubes will be on display without being held inside any extra display packaging, then it will be important to use a seal that is not only effective but will look good on the shelf.

For plastic and laminate squeeze tube sealing, you could choose from curved seals, rounded corner seals, wide seals that include a hole punch to enable tubes to be hung in displays.

Depending on the size of your squeeze tubes, you may want to consider the seal pattern too. Most display squeeze tubes look good with a smooth seal, but standard seals are more cost-effective, especially for bulk production.

However, if you want to incorporate a custom seal texture for your product, or you need to include lot coding, dates and tube seal trimming on your seal, then it is worth checking out your options and discussing your needs with our experienced team at MSD.

Hot air tube sealing options

Hot air sealing works by heating the inside of the end of the tube that needs sealing. The heated tube is then quickly moved to the closing station where the hot end of the tube is squeezed together to form a seal. The tube is then chilled to allow the softened plastic material to cool down and set.

Hot air plastic tube sealing is one of the most popular choices for squeeze tube sealing because the process is so fast and efficient. This method of sealing works very well with all tubes made from plastic and laminate materials.

MSD sells and rents tube filling machines that use hot-air sealing technology for plastic tubes and these machines can seal multiple tubes per minute making them a very cost-effective choice for businesses that want to keep productivity high while getting the best value for money from their company assets.

Ultrasonic tube sealing solutions

Another popular choice for plastic tube sealing machine is the ultrasonic method. This works by heating the inside area of the tube with an ultrasonic horn. The ultrasonic horn produces high-frequency friction that heats the plastic tube which then is clamped tight against an anvil and quickly cooled to set the plastic and form a seal.

Check your tube material

While MSD offer tube filling and sealing machines that give a professional seal on all regular types of plastic and laminate tube materials, you need to check your exact plastic tube material carefully. Many of the new formulas used in modern sustainable plastic tubes will only get an effective seal through hot air sealing.

Look to see if the tubes are fully recyclable in-mould label tubes (IML tubes) as these are the type of tubes that will need hot air sealing.

Contact our experienced team at MSD

As well as selling tube filling machines and change parts, MSD also offers well-maintained tube filling machines that are available for short or long term rental. This could offer you an ideal tube filling machine solution for kick-starting your new business or boosting your companies output.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team at MSD to discuss your plastic tube sealing needs. We are here to help!

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