MSD Ltd Tube Filling Machines and Change Parts

MSD Ltd is a leading UK provider of industrial tube filling machines, change parts and replacement components for repairs and machine maintenance needs.

We work closely with a wide number of UK companies that use tube filling and sealing machines as a core part of their production line. 

While many brands of tube filling and sealing machines are made overseas, you do not have to source your spare parts and replacement components directly from the manufacturer and face yards of paperwork to fill out and weeks of waiting for them to be shipped to you. 

We keep a lot of tube filling change parts and components in stock, so the chances are that we may have exactly what you need and can get them to you quickly to avoid lengthy downtime on your production line.

Rent or buy a tube filling machine?

If you need an additional tube filling machine on your production line, you don’t necessarily need to stretch your budget to buy a new machine. By working with MSD Ltd., you can save money by renting a machine from us to take on the extra workload.

You may have a machine breakdown, and renting a tube filling machine from us can be a convenient option for you to keep your production levels up while your machine is out for repair. We rent tube filling machines for short or long term periods to suit your needs.

Or if you are looking to grow your business and expand your production line but cannot quite stretch to buying a brand new machine, why not contact us about purchasing a used tube filling machine.

We often source used machines from the market and completely refurbish them to make them as good as new. Many of the used tube filling machines we source have many years of good service left in them, so it makes sense to rebuild them and offer them as a cost-effective option for new or growing businesses.

If you are unsure whether to rent or buy a new or used tube filling machine, why not contact us to discuss your needs. We have been working with lots of UK manufacturers for many years, so our knowledge and experience can be very valuable to you.

Hot air nozzles for sealing machines

As part of an efficient production line, you will need to keep your tube filling and sealing machines working at optimal levels. But as we know, machine parts do wear out or start to deteriorate, especially parts such as hot air nozzles for sealing machines.

You need to match the correct type of tube with the right kind of sealing equipment to get the finish you require. For a new company, just setting up, matching the proper tube filling and sealing machines with the right tube materials is essential if you want your products to succeed.

Whether you are producing beauty products such as eye creams or hair conditioners, or food products such as garlic paste or cream cheese, you need to have the right tube sealing finish to keep the contents airtight and free of oxidation.

The most popular type of sealing machine is the hot air tube sealer that creates a strong and neat looking seal on plastic tubes. This type of tube sealer is a good choice when the presentation of your product tubes needs to look good and perform flawlessly.

Hot air tube sealers work well with most types of plastic or laminate tube materials, so is a flexible and versatile choice for a mixed-product production line.
Your hot air sealing machines will need to have the right-sized nozzles to fit the tube diameter that you are using. MSD Ltd. carries a wide range of hot air nozzles to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to set up a regular supply of hot air nozzles and other essential change parts for your tube filling and sealing machines.

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