Dosing Pump Systems importance within the Tube Filling Industry

Dosing Pump Systems are an integral and important part of any tube filling machine. With a pre-determined measure required per tube, and a different delivery method needed depending on what is being filled into the tubes, it is very important to ensure that you select the correct method for your specific application.

Dosing for precise measures
Dosing is precision work and getting it wrong will have consequences on your business.
Too much in your tube and you have wastage, too little and you may not pass quality audits.

MSD Ltd can offer pumps and or parts to improve your filling accuracy.

Dosing for accurate flow

The dosed amount really does matter, as does the flow. Again too fast and products can splash or overflow into the tube seal creating problems sealing the tubes, too slow and your plant productivity may be affected.  Often accurate flow requires accurate methods to co-ordination between tube and nozzle.

MSD Ltd can offer pumping systems and or parts to improve your product flow.

Dosing for quick changeovers.

Dosing systems giving rapid changes between similar product groups or colours.

Smaller, Lighter, Simpler, Fewer wetted parts are all ways to describe what required.

MSD have easy to use filling systems specifically for these markets.

Dosing for high viscosity bulks.

The most common problems revolve around achieving too slow a fill speed or a messy stringy fill often compromising the product or the subsequent tube sealing.

MSD Ltd can offer More robust drives and components plus improved metering and product control methods even for the heaviest and most difficult of bulks.

Benefits of using the right dosing pump systems.

So getting the dosing right means:

  • Less or no wastage
  • Cleaner fills and better seals
  • Reduced changeover times
  • Reduced time cleaning wetted parts
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Longer shelf life, fewer returns and complaints
  • Happy employees and employers

If you require help in choosing the right method of dosing your product into tubes, then please do not hesitate to call us or fill in the request form so that we will get back to you. Please leave as much information as you can in the message area in order that we can get the right engineer for your project on that call.


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We can supply change parts for most new and used tube filling machines, and with a continuous investment of time and money MSD Ltd can now supply an even larger amount of spare parts from stock, alternatively our own engineers will manufacture your spare parts or change parts rapidly in our own well equipped workshops.

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