Hot Air Nozzles for Your Tube Sealing Machines

MSD Ltd. are here for your business when you need to replace your hot air nozzles in your sealing machines. We are one of only a small handful of UK based companies that supply high-quality machine change parts that are guaranteed to deliver long-lasting high performance.

Hot air tube sealing machines are widely used by a variety of UK businesses that manufacture everything from tube-filled tomato paste and other foods sold in tubes such as cream cheese, crushed garlic etc. to toiletries and beauty products such as liquid foundation make-up, hair dye, and toothpaste.

Many pharmaceutical companies also manufacture tube-filled medicines, such as steroidal skin cream, antiseptic gel and topical ointments to treat a variety of health conditions.

Chemical companies also use tubes to deliver liquid products such as superglue to their end customers. Keeping liquid glue and other adhesives as airtight as possible is crucial to prevent the glue from hardening and becoming useless.

All of the above tube-filled products offer great flexibility and versatility to consumers, and tube-filling machines are an essential part of the process. Without tube filling and sealing machines, there would be no products sold in tubes!

Find the right hot air nozzles for your machine

We all know that no matter how efficient your tube filling and sealing machine, eventually some of the working parts will wear out or break. When it comes to sourcing a steady supply of high-quality change parts for your tube filling machine, it makes sense to work with MSD Ltd.

We are the best company in the UK to source your machine change parts from, including the hot air nozzles for your tube filling and sealing machines.

Not only will we have the perfect hot air nozzles to fit your machine, but we can also supply you with a wide range of other change parts when you need them, including:

 ·       Cassette and infeed parts

·         Coding jaws

·         Dosing pump size parts

·         Filling Nozzles

·         Tube Holders

·         Tube resignation components

Why purchase your hot air nozzles from us?

While a lot of other companies will import machine parts from China, most of these parts are of inferior quality and will have been made from cheap materials. While the price of these change parts may seem reasonable, the parts don’t tend to last long or deliver the high level of precision that most UK manufacturers expect from their production line machines.

Because we manufacture our own change parts in the UK for many different makes of tube filling and sealing machines, we only use the very best materials that are made to last. We can also customise our change parts when you need something a little more bespoke.

As hot air tube sealers are one of the most used types of sealing machines in the UK, we are the leading ‘go-to’ company for hot air nozzles and other change parts for a wide range of manufacturing companies across the country.

You can also rent very efficient tube filling machines from us should you need to. If you have a breakdown on your production line, there is no need to let your productivity drop. Simply rent a machine from us until you find a suitable replacement or can have your machine repaired.

Choosing the right nozzles

You must get the right type and size of hot air nozzles for your machine so they perform correctly and will apply enough hot air to soften the walls of the plastic tubes that allow for an airtight seal when going through the sealing jaws.

We understand that you don’t want your productivity levels to drop simply because you don’t have the right hot air nozzles for your make of tube filling and sealing machines.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at MSD Ltd to discuss your needs. We are here to help!

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