Buy Hot Air Nozzles for Your Tube Sealing Machine

A hot air nozzle for a sealing machine is used as part of the tube seam sealing process. The nozzle directs hot air onto the end walls of a plastic tube to render it soft and adhesive by the heat. The soft and pliable heated tube end is then clamped closed to create a seam.

To ensure that the tube ends are heated to a substantial level that creates the optimum condition to form a perfect seal, your hot air nozzles need to be in excellent working order.

Hot air nozzles are working change parts and are not indestructible. Over time their efficiency and effectiveness can drop to a level that they no longer bring the tube ends to a sufficient melting point to create a waterproof seal.

Hot air nozzles are designed to heat a thermoplastic tube end to a level just before melting point, allowing a seam to be created under pressure that is liquid proof and airtight. Failure to regularly check and test the condition of your hot air nozzles can lead to a drop in performance and a loss of the seal, and therefore a defective product.

Using the right size of hot air nozzle or your tube sealing machine

The sealing head from tube sealing machines can have different air-hole diameters and configurations. When sealing your tubes, the temperature is the most critical factor affecting the quality and strength of the seal.

As a general rule, the smaller the air-hole size, the lower the temperature needed to create the optimal sealing performance. However, the exact temperature required must be decided per your machine and sealing process. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective tube sealing.

The size of the hot air nozzle you need also depend on the thickness of the tube material walls. The temperature and sealing time for each make of machine should be tested and adjusted accordingly.

Common issues with tube sealing

You need to ensure that there is enough sealing headspace clearance. At least 1mm space should be allowed for tube dimension tolerance and ensure that your hot air nozzle head does not touch the end of the tube.

Many problems could ensue should the hot air nozzle head touch the tube. For example, if a nozzle head touches the inner surface of the tube, it can cause residue material build-up. This can happen if the hot air nozzle head is larger than the tube inner diameter.

As the hot air nozzle head scrapes the inner wall of the tube, the melted plastic residue builds up on the nozzle head, which then can be transferred to the next tube in line. If this happens, it is advised to reduce the diameter of the nozzle head to create sufficient clearance.

Seal crimping damage is another common problem where tube ends are melted to a burning point, creating a brown discolouration to the seal. This is often caused when a hot air nozzle touches the tube surface because it is too large. In most cases, it is not that you are overheating the tube, but the action of the nozzle head touching the plastic will burn it instead of melting it.

How MSD Ltd. can help

We have years of experience in the tube filling and sealing industry and can offer our knowledge and deep understanding to help make sure you are using the right hot air nozzles for your machine and the type of tubes you are using.

MSD Ltd. is here for your business when you need to replace your hot air nozzles in your sealing machines. We can supply your company with high-quality generic machine change parts, including hot air nozzles, that are built to deliver long-lasting high performance.

We carry a wide range of major-name change parts, so you don’t need to wait weeks to order your hot air nozzles and other change parts directly from the manufacturer overseas.

MSD Ltd. already supplies the UK’s leading food, health and beauty, hygiene and pharmaceutical companies with tube filling, sealing machines, and other change parts. We would be happy to talk to you to discuss your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for our help and advice and source your hot air nozzles and other tube filling machine change parts.

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