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Filling nozzles may not be the most interesting topic to talk about, but without them, your liquid filling machine would be useless. Filling nozzles are a very important component of a liquid filling machine but most manufacturers tend to overlook them during their research to find the best solution for filling and packaging their product.

 A lot of attention is paid to the look and appeal of the product packaging, but it doesn’t matter how pretty your packaging or how well it stacks on a retail shelf display, at the end of the day the filling nozzles you use during production are a critical element to the success of your end product.

The liquid filling nozzle will be responsible for delivering the correct amount of product, control the fluid flow direction and prevent overspills or contact between the product and the air.

Types of filling nozzles

There are a few different liquid filling nozzles and each will function differently so you will need to understand how they work and what nozzle options are open to you.

We are going to focus on two popular types filling nozzles here and will look at other types of filling nozzles in a follow-up article, so hopefully, you will be more informed about making the right choice for your filling machines.

1: Non-Drip Nozzles

Non-drip nozzles are useful when you don’t want your liquid product to drip onto your tube or container, especially if the liquid product is abrasive or contains chemicals that could bleach or react with your external packaging in some way.

These types of nozzles contain a valve that opens and closes during filling to only allow a measured amount of liquid product through. Non-drip nozzles are also known as positive shut-off nozzles.

If your product is made from a liquid where dripping could be a concern then this type of nozzle should be your choice. These types of nozzles are most commonly used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries that produce products like gels, creams and lotions.

2: Purge Nozzles

Purge filling nozzles are used with products that need to have all the air removed from the container before it is filled. These nozzles are good with liquid products that react to oxygen, such as superglue that needs to remain in a liquid state while packaged. Should there be any trapped air within the glue tube packaging then the glue would harden and become unusable.

Purge filling nozzles are basically constructed of two nozzles – one fitted inside another. It is the internal nozzle that dispenses the liquid and fills the tube or container, but the external nozzle will act to apply pressurized nitrogen gas around the surface of the internal nozzle to create a vacuum that draws out oxygen from the container.

These filling nozzles are commonly used in pharmaceutical and biotech industries because a lot of the products produced in these industries can be reactive to oxygen.

MSD Ltd is your one-stop-shop for replacement filling nozzles and other change parts and dosing pumps that you will need to keep your filling machines functioning at full capacity.

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Do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your needs for the right industrial liquid filler nozzles for your business.

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