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As a dosing pump supplier, we know that a dosing pump is a critical component within a tube filling machine. The dosing pump works to move an exact volume of liquid product in a specific time frame to deliver a precise volumetric flow rate.

Dosing pumps are used in production plants to pump water, liquid medicines, cleaning fluids, chemicals or other liquids into containers. You must choose the right type of dosing pump for the machine in use as well as the type of liquid product being measured out.

Making sure that the dosing pump used can operate under your production conditions is also essential. For example, if the liquid product needs to be dosed and packaged at high temperature to maintain the right viscosity levels to enable it to pass through the filling machine, you need to ensure your dosing pumps are built to take high temperatures.

How do dosing pumps work?

Dosing pumps are known as positive displacement pumps. These types of pumps work to deliver a very precise and consistent liquid flow rate. The most common way dosing pumps work is by drawing a specific measure of product into a holding chamber within the pump and then using pressure to push the liquid product through the tube filling machine and into the appropriate product packaging.

These types of pumps are very commonly used across a wide number of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, health, beauty and food, so these manufacturers need to ensure that the dosing levels of their product are precise.

It is important to not only to fill the packaging without any overspill, and therefore wasted product, but also to ensure that the prescribed amount fills the tube to ensure that the end consumer isn’t short-changed. This is especially crucial for the pharmaceutical industry where they will be producing prescription medicines and treatments.

What are dosing pumps made of?

Because dosing pumps are used across such a wide variety of applications, they can be made from different materials that are suitable for use in specific production processes. For example, pumps can be made from stainless steel, which would be suitable for use within a high-temperature or very high-pressure environment, or PE or PVC, which are both chemical resistant plastics suitable for handling chemical cleaning products.

Dosing pump types

Although dosing pumps are built to do one specific job, there are some slight differences between pumps such as different components used within the system, depending on their physical action.

The most common type of dosing pump is the diaphragm constant injection pump. This system has an inbuilt holding chamber that is filled and emptied through a mechanism using a diaphragm and piston to alternate between sucking up the product into the chamber, then emptying it under pressure using the piston.

There will be in-built inlet and outlet valves within the dosing pump system to allow the flow of product through the pump chamber. The action of the diaphragm and piston will take up and inject out the liquid product at a consistent set speed to allow a steady and stable flow of liquid product at all times.

 MSD dosing pumps

As one of the UK’s leading dosing pump supplier, you can trust in MSD to ensure that you get not only the right dosing pump supply for your business, but you get the very best quality pumps that are robust and built for the purpose.

If you are not sure what type of dosing pump you need for your manufacturing line, then do not hesitate to talk to our in-house experts for advice.

We can tell you exactly what type of dosing pump to use on your production line and can supply you with the number of pumps that you need when you need them through our supply of change parts and dosing pumps

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