Tube Burst Tester Machines

Everything you need to know about tube burst tester machines

“What are tube burst tester machines used for?”
These machines are used to test the integrity of either empty or already filled tubes. As these machines are so small and efficient they are mostly placed on the factory floor next to the filling machines so that tubes can be tested straight away if necessary.

“What makes this machine different to others?”
Other machines that test tube seals use a method which involves using compression cylinders to pinch the tube. Even though this method works it is not repeatable.The tube burst tester allows you to repeatedly test tube seals internally in order to find any weaknesses. Unlike many machines this stays consistent even when using large, small or empty or full tubes. As we all know – Consistency is key!

“What does the tube testing process involve?”
1. Firstly insert the tube into the machine, this involves opening the door at the front of the                  machine and screwing the tube into a threaded mandrel to keep it in place.
2. You can then press the start button which starts to inflate the tube slowly, at whatever                       pressure and speed you have set it to.
3. A pressure gauge on the machine allows you to see what pressure is inside the tube at any             time.
4. You can then stop the process at any time using the stop button.

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