Electrical upgrades during MSD overhauls

MSD have been rebuilding Norden tube filling machines for 16 years to a consistently high standard.  One important element of quality machine rebuild is its new electrical system, which on all MSD rebuilt machines is to the highest standard.

When replacing the complete electrical system it is best undertaken during a full overhaul or rebuild as it will effect both mechanical and Pneumatics systems.  A good example of this is the original electrical panel, which in many cases is too small and will need to be resized which in turn effects any new guarding and often cable management.

MSD understand that the parts used must be strong, reliable and readily available, we choose parts that are standard and easily available to all rather than bespoke parts, and mainstream manufacturers are preferred over the obscure, regardless of price.

The same high standard of equipment is employed on all MSD projects, with the older machines receiving the greatest jump in technology but all ages receiving a complete new system.

The older machines will not have seen the PLC’s HMI, Encoders, inverters, Guard Relays and the new sensor technology before making for a great transformation. Some of the newer machines will have some of the new technologies already fitted but often it is old, out of date and unsupported or it is now unavailable as an off the shelf part e.g Tube Registration and the Norden computers parts.

Regardless of the machine being refitted the benefits of the new system are easy to see, the rebuilt machines are easier to set and adjust, safer to use, more reliable and easier to maintain into the future.

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