Importance of using Tube Testing Machines in the Cosmetics Industry

Every new cosmetic product that is developed for the market has to go through strict testing and must have an official Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) conducted by a qualified tester before the cosmetic product is allowed to be sold on the market.

However, it is not just the actual beauty product that needs to go through very rigorous safety checks before it can be retailed, the product packaging must also be thoroughly inspected for suitability, functionality and form.

Delivering your new beauty product or formulation in the wrong packaging or using inappropriate packaging material that doesn’t keep your product safe, secure and in pristine condition can have serious consequences on your brand and reputation.

How the outer packaging can affect your sales

 If your outer packaging is substandard for whatever reason, it will discourage your customers from purchasing not only your new beauty product, but also the other products in your range. Should your latest tube of wrinkle cream or skin foundation fail to open easily, dispenses incorrectly, leaks or splits apart when squeezed, your positive customer experience levels will drop and could negatively affect your whole beauty retail brand.

In an incredibly design-led industry such as the cosmetics industry, you need to guarantee not only the quality and effectiveness of your beauty product, but also the functionality of the packaging that you deliver your product in. This is why you need to ensure that your cosmetic packaging continues to meet with strict health and safety standards.

Do you have a reliable tube testing machine?

Beauty product manufacturers need to have reliable tube filling and sealing machines that ensure the packaging is properly sealed and the correct dose of the product is deposited into the tube container.

Your tube filling machines are expected to perform to a high level of productivity and accuracy for very long periods of time during each production run. Regular testing of your machinery, as well as regular servicing and replacement of worn parts are essential for your own in-house quality assurance testing needs and targets.

The raw materials that you use for your product packaging must maintain the right strength and levels of flexibility needed to perform correctly. By using a tube testing machine you will be able to perform tests to measure levels of stress and strain to ascertain the strength and reliability of your packaging. You can also test out new tube packaging for suitability while your beauty product is still in development to make sure that the seals of your empty or filled tubes are secure and meet the required standard. This will ensure that the materials used and the design of your tube packaging will enable it to be delivered to your end customer intact and is suitable for regular use.

MSD Tube Testing Machines

 Our tube testing machines can be easily situated on the factory floor close to your production line. This makes the regular testing of your tube packaging easy to carry out as part of your regular quality control procedures.

Incorporating regular tube testing in your manufacturing processes will ensure that the tubes you fill and seal will consistently meet with current safety and quality standards. You will be able to regularly check your production line with tube stress tests and internal seal integrity to detect any flaws or weaknesses that could impact on your production and cause a lot of product going to waste by being sealed in faulty tube packaging.

MSD offer product manufacturers our tube testing machines, as well as tube sealing machines, to help you dispense and pack your products ready for market.  Choosing one of MSD’s tube testing machines will mean you can have tubes sealed in an efficient way and have the correct testing equipment on hand to regularly test your tubes at either end of the process to ensure top quality.

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