Size parts for your tube filling machine

When it comes to looking for size parts, the first port of call is to find a supplier who can supply for your make of machine.

At MSD Ltd, we can supply size parts for the following machines:

  • Axomatic
  • IWKA
  • Kalix
  • Norden
  • Romaco
  • Unipac

If you are using a tube filling machine that has the option of using size parts, then you already know the benefit of having an adaptable machine that can scale to suit your needs, simply by swapping size parts.

Size Parts are essential for your production line, and having a spare on the shelf, or a good selection to hand will mean downtime is kept to a minimum. In saying that, MSD Ltd stock a range of size parts on our own shelves, and with excellent service and fast UK delivery, we can get the part you require to your door in a quick and timely manner. So if you are working on a Just-In-Time stock system, we can seamlessly fit in.

Being able to handle tube sizes from 10mm to 60mm just by changing size parts also gives you more capacity and space on your shop floor too.

Ordering Size Parts for your tube filling machine:

When you are looking to order your new size parts, it is important to include the tube filling machine manufacturer’s name and model of machine in order that we supply the right part.

In addition, we would need to know the diameter tube size so that we do not send you something too big or too small for your immediate needs.

Once we have your machine details and size part diameters, our CRM system will be updated, so that you can re-order with the knowledge that we understand your business and know what you need.

A good relationship with your tube filling machine size parts supplier is key to a speedy turnaround and excellent customer service.

So, if you are looking to build a great relationship with a supplier of size parts for your tube filling machines, who has a proven track record for speedy UK deliveries and excellent customer service, then MSD are the company to contact.

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