Kalix Tube Filler Parts

Kalix Tube Filler Parts and Spare Parts At MSD

MSD support a range of manufacturers, including Kalix and can provide Kalix tube filler parts.

Kalix themselves state that they do not stock spare parts for older machines, and these spare parts would have to be manufactured and shipped to you, often taking around 3-6 weeks.

When your Tube FIlling Machine is in need of a spare part, often 3-6 weeks can mean production downtime, and therefore substantial losses for your company.

At MSD Ltd we understand the importance of ensuring your production line is fully operational for as long as possible, and so we offer many parts for the Kalix machines from stock, but also the ability to manufacture your spare part and ship to you within a reasonable timescale. We pride ourselves on responding quickly and providing quality spare parts and change parts.

In addition we offer a conversion and overhaul service which has saved many companies a great deal on their capital outlay, by refurbishing and even converting their existing Kalix tube filling machines.

So if you have a Kalix machine that needs spare parts, change parts, converting or refurbishing, then please contact MSD Ltd now to discuss further.

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