Axomatic Change Parts

MSD Ltd Manufacture and supply change parts for many different tube filling machines and support a long list of manufacturers, which includes:

  • Axomatic
  • IWKA
  • Kalix
  • Norden
  • TGM
  • Unipac

In this article, we are focusing on Axomatic Change Parts and how MSD can help your company.

MSD has a high regard for the AXOMATIC range of tube filling machines, our own experiences running, maintaining and modifying these machines have been very positive.

Responding to our customers who are running the Axomatic machines MSD has been continually looking to decrease lead times on change parts. To do this, many components required for assemblies are pre-machined and stocked, so they can be put together and shipped immediately we have the customers tube samples.

An increasing number of commonly used parts such as Infeed, tube holders, pump parts and Filling nozzles, HA tooling and Trim parts are now ‘off the shelf’ or have a very short delivery.

To enable MSD to help your company with change parts just send us your tube samples or call us for information on spares.

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