Should Your Business Branch into Tube Fillers?

When businesses are looking for a new area to expand their operations into, growth and demand are two important factors.  There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of demand for tube fillers and the products they create from any number of industries and this makes investing in new or used tube fillers worth considering for your next diversification.

Why the industry is growing

There has been rapid growth in the automatic packaging industry in recent years that has meant more companies than ever are purchasing tube filling machines.  These are sturdy pieces of equipment that allow companies to quickly and autonomously fill product materials in tubes.

There is demand for them across a range of industries including food and drink, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal care goods and more.  As demand grows, more companies are creating their own tube filling departments to help fulfil the need and have a new source of income.  Industry experts also believe that demand will continue to grow.

Dynamics of the market

There is a clear connection between the demand for tube filling machines and the products they produce and the growth of the larger packaging industry.  This is particularly true with industries such as chemicals, personal care goods and pharmaceuticals.

Another big growth factor has been the automotive industry.  This one might not seem obvious but as the industry uses products such as glues and adhesives that need to come in specific tubes to work with the equipment in the factories, there is demand for companies to produce these.

Medical products such as ointments and applications all require special packaging that makes them easy to use.  Here new or used tube fillers are crucial in creating safe and secure packaging that is relatively tamper proof while being easy to use.  Similar standards apply to personal card goods such as tube creams, lotions and make-up products – that balance is needed for secure and safe packaging that is also simple to use.

The food industry is an upcoming area that is expected to see more demand from the tube filling industry in coming years.  This market is a relatively small one at the moment as fewer products are packaged in tubes but as how we eat and prepare food changes, the demand looks set to grow.

How to segment your approach

When you look at expanding into tube fillers as a new venture or increase the current range of products that you offer, there are two ways to consider what to do – by the type of machine you can purchase or by the application of it and what it creates.

The type of machine is one that helps decide what you can make, how quickly and for what industry.  There are lots of different options including single and double head linear tube filling machines and forehead linear tube filling machines.  Working with a specialist in providing these machines is key to working out which will be the right fit for what you want to do.

The other consideration is by the application – in other words, what the machine produces.  Does your company want to focus on the chemical, pharmaceutical, food or beauty industry?  Do you want to target a specific type of product such as ointments, gels, creams or even medicines?  By deciding which area you want to target, you can then get the right tube filling machine.

Positive outlook for tube fillers

There’s a positive outlook for the tube filler industry across most areas of the world – Europe, North and Latin American, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa all have growing industries.  As demand for these products grows, there’s no doubt that it is an avenue to consider for your business expansion.

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