Who Are the Top Tube Filling Machines Manufacturers?

When you are looking for the right equipment for your business, there’s a lot to be said for using a brand name you know.  When you are talking about tube filling machines, some of these brands might not be household names but to those in the business, they are companies associated with this type of equipment.

Axomatic Group

Axomatic Group has been in business for 30 years and creates a range of machines for different manufacturing processes. The company operates in 50 countries around the world and some of the top brands use their equipment including L’Oréal, Avon, Nestle and Wella.

The company manufacture more than 100 machines per year with around 80% of them going abroad. They also place a high expectation on customer expectation and high customer satisfaction that means they use a rigorous process to guarantee the quality of their machines.

Citus Kalix

Citus Kalix is the company behind the Kalix tube filling machines among other pieces of equipment. The company was founded back in 1928 in France when it made semi-automatic filling machines for the toothpaste industry. By the 1970s, the company had expanded into lipstick moulds and many of the cartons required by the perfume and cosmetic industry.

Today the company has over 10,000 machines in operation around the world and are a preferred partner for health and beauty companies. These include major brands as well as local companies and their state of the art machines can easily be supplied to suit your business needs.


Norden is the leading supplier of high-performance tube filling machines and focuses almost entirely on this area. The company started as Arenco, a local machinery manufacturer in Kalmar, Sweden that was founded in 1877. The company became Norden in 1980 and soon after introduced their hot air sealing method.

The company have also been responsible for a number of innovations in the area including their Design-A-Seal and a robot feeder system that picks tubes from the tube box and places them in tube holders, speeding up the whole process. They became part of the Coesia group in 2008 and just last year introduced a new machine line that can fill 1000 pieces per minute.


Romaco is another company that offers a range of different manufacturing options to suit the needs of the business. Their aim is to go ‘beyond technology’ with a big focus on the economic value of the customer. They achieve this with a combination of intelligent solutions and applications that have the best possible price-performance ratio.

The company currently employs some 550 people in eight different locations around the world. They also have a network of 100 agents who are on hand to chat with businesses and ensure they get the equipment they need.

Getting the right parts and help

These are some of the big name companies that MSD can supply change parts for. Our service means we offer a wide range of spares and change parts for the various models that these companies offer, meaning you don’t need to always go back to the manufacturer for help, especially if a machine is out of warranty. If you are unsure what type of machine or specification best suits the project that your business is undertaking, we can assess this to help you get the right parts and help for everything that your business does.

For more information about out tube filling machines and manufacturers, visit our website or get in touch.

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