Norden Tube Fillers & Norden Maintenance

Norden Tube Fillers are the world’s leading, and one of the highest performing tube filling systems. They offer a range of different products and services that are designed to benefit individual jobs and roles. Norden is the preferred provider of tube filling systems for the health and beauty sector but also offer services for many other sectors such as cosmetics, pharmacy, toothpaste, food and industrial.

What Are Norden Tube Fillers?

A tube filling machine is pretty much what it says on the tin, a machine that fills tubes. They can be used to fill ointments, creams, toothpaste, gel and semi-solid materials in either a plastic or aluminium tube and then sealing it off at the end. Norden offer a wide range of tube fillers that all have different features to adapt to specific tubes. The low speed segment can output on average around 25 tubes per minute with a volume of around 300ml. The medium speed segment outputs on average around 80 – 100 tubes per minute. The high speed segment is made to meet the demands of cosmetic, toothpaste and food products and the speed of sales, outputting from 200-500 tubes per minute.


At MSD, we can provide change parts for many different tube filling machines. We respond extremely quickly when it comes to quality parts, change parts and any maintenance you may need on your tube filling machine, including Norden maintenance. We understand how expensive it can be to invest in one of these machines, even if they really are vital for your business, which is why we offer used machines and also rebuilds and conversions. Whether it is your own machine that needs fixing, or a machine we have acquired ourselves, our technicians have a large range of skills and can rebuild these machines. Also, if you have an older machine, we can adjust these to work with newer systems, so you don’t have to pay for a brand new machine, we can help you find an affordable machine to accommodate different tubes, filling methods and sealing designs.

As a smaller business, you may feel a tube filling machine will benefit you but you don’t want to make a huge investment to get little return. This is why we offer the service of tube filling machine rentals. We can offer short or long term rental, whatever works best for you, which gives you the opportunity to boost your output and decide whether investing in a tube filling machine is the right step for you.

As well as offering tube filling machine rebuilds and rentals, we also offer a range of other services. We can offer change parts for a range of different manufacturers, ordering from us could also mean your machine has less down time, as products will be sent from the UK rather than having to be ordered from the machine manufacturer whom will most likely be abroad. We also offer bench top equipment, end of line equipment, tube filling machine spare parts and repairs, and also tube burst testers.

For more information about MSD, visit our website. If you would like to discuss anything about our tube filling machines, rentals or any other services, either by phone or face to face, we can arrange to come and visit you.

Contact us by email or phone on or 01462 421400. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Made in the UK and supplying and supporting European businesses of all sizes working in industries from Pharma., Health and Beauty to chemicals with everything from nuts, bolts and seals through to a complete tube filling line and on site training.

We can supply change parts for most new and used tube filling machines, and with a continuous investment of time and money MSD Ltd can now supply an even larger amount of spare parts from stock, alternatively our own engineers will manufacture your spare parts or change parts rapidly in our own well equipped workshops.

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