Do You Need a Tube Filler for your Production Line?

Tube Filler: Do You Need them for your Production Line? There are various companies that are well known for their high-quality, robust and reliable automatic production line machines that are used widely across the food, healthcare and cosmetic sectors.

These companies have long been a trusted source of essential machinery. They can specialise in the design and manufacture of under vacuum turbo-emulsifiers and hot melters, tube filling machines for plastic, aluminium and laminated tubes, volumetric dosing machines, manual sealing machines, and specially designed machines for cartridges, jars, lip gloss, mascara,  mono-dose packs, syringes, filling and capping lines.

Tube fillers

MSD Ltd. offers brand new tube fillers direct from our inventory. But you can also come to us for all your tube filler machine repairs, servicing and ongoing maintenance needs. We also supply change parts for tube filling and sealing machines, so you don’t need to source these essential parts overseas.

Should any of your tube filling and sealing machines break down and need removing from your production line for repair, you can hire a spare machine from us to cover your needs while your device is out of action.

This means you won’t suffer any extended downtime or a severe loss of productivity. The best known manufactured machines are known for their reliability, so you will be making an excellent investment for your company by choosing these tube filling and sealing machines for your production line.

Why choose these brands?

There are many good quality machine brands on the market. Still, those best are known for using cutting-edge technologies and dedicated research that result in a range of flexible and versatile machines for automatic filling and closing of regularly and irregularly shaped plastic, laminate and aluminium tubes. 

These tube filling machines use mechanical jaw sealing processes for aluminium tubes and hot jaw or hot air sealing systems for laminated and plastic tubes. All the machines in the range allow rapid size changes and dosages. 

The tube filling machine range

The range of machines on offer can start with a small, table-top option that measures just 550x550xh.1000mm. This is an ideal choice for a small manufacturer producing short runs of exclusive products or for use in an R&D setting to run sample lines and test new product creations. 

Then there are hot air sealing devices with high-quality sealing results and can seal up to 1.000 tubes per hour. These can be tube diameters from 13,5mm to 50mm, and tube heights from 70mm to 250mm. Brand new machines come with a manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

Then there are machines that are capable of filling liquid, semi-viscous and viscous products into collapsible metal, plastic and laminate tubes. This is a better choice for a larger manufacturer that depends on speed, high-quality sealing, and high volume.

These types of tube filling and sealing machines have two ergonomic, large-capacity tube loaders for feeding tubes from a tray. They can also have an easy-to-use touch-screen control panel, which is easy to clean and maintain, and can use a hot air sealing system with low air consumption to help keep your energy bills down.

Rent or buy with MSD Ltd.

If you already have a well-established production line or are just starting out with your first venture, MSD Ltd. can help you. If you need to add an extra machine to help boost your productivity levels, or you want to rent a tube filler and sealing machine to help meet current demands, do not hesitate to talk to our friendly team.

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