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MSD Ltd. is one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial filling nozzles and change parts for the UK manufacturing industries using tube filling and sealing machines on their production lines.

While filling nozzles and machine change parts are not what your end customers are the least bit interested in, the products that they consume wouldn’t be here without them.

It is often the small things that count in any production line. It is no surprise to learn that using the proper commercial filling nozzles for your tube filling machine and the type of product you manufacture is essential if your end product will be a commercial success.

Filling nozzles are a critical component of your tube filling machines, so you must research them carefully before setting up your production line to make sure you are using the right ones.

MSD Ltd. has many decades of knowledge and experience in this field. We not only source and supply filling nozzles and other essential change parts for the leading brands of tube filling and tube sealing machines, but we also manufacture our own generic change parts that are of more superior quality than what can be sourced from overseas.

Advice for new business owners

If you are just setting up your new manufacturing company and planning your machine production line, it can help to talk to our friendly team for some helpful advice and guidance.

We can advise you about the most cost-effective way to set up your production line and even source and supply many of the essential equipment you will need, such as tube testing machines, filling nozzles and change parts.

We also perform complete machine rebuilds and refurbishments, so if you invest in previously-owned tube filling and sealing machines for your production line, we can help you with any repairs and refurbishment work you need.

It is also critical that you keep the amount of waste generated by your production line to a minimum. This is why choosing the correct liquid filling nozzles is essential to help prevent overspills and wasted product.

Types of filling nozzles

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to filling nozzles. There are different sizes and styles of filling nozzles on the market that function differently from one another. This is why you need to understand how they work and which ones are correct for your needs.

For example, non-drip filling nozzles are the best choice to prevent any of your product from dripping onto your tube surface.

Drips and spills can not only look unattractive if your tubes are on display, but if the contents are acidic or abrasive, they could react with the tube coating or labelling, ruining your professional-looking product.

Suppose your tubes are going into cardboard box packaging for shelf display. In that case, any product residue spilt onto the surface of your tubes can cause the cardboard packaging to fail through disintegration.

Non-drip filling nozzles contain a valve that opens and automatically shuts off after the correct dose of the product has been injected. These are the most popular choice of filling nozzles in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Purge nozzles are another option for filling nozzles for a production line. These are better choices when manufacturing products that need to have all the residual air removed from a tube before it is filled.

Purge nozzles are ideal for products like glue where you don’t want the content of your tubes to react to any trapped oxygen that is present. No one wants to buy a tube of glue that has hardened in the tube because the trapped air inside wasn’t removed.

If you are unsure about the correct type of filling nozzles to use on your production line, contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be able to advise you and supply you with the correct nozzles for your needs.

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