Why choose us as your Tube Filling Consultants

Tube Filling Consultants

When you’re in an industry where you have to fill tubes with products such as toothpaste, beauty creams or food products, it can often be overwhelming knowing which tube filling machine will be right for the job. That’s where we come in!

Not only do we have a range of products available, but we are also on hand to offer you any advice we can about the best tube filling machinery to opt for.

What else can MSD, your tube filling consultants offer?

Here at MSD our in house technicians have been all important in building our reputation for quality new and overhauled machinery always put together so that it can perform exactly how you need it to.

Are you looking for change parts for your machine so you don’t have to buy a completely new machine? We offer a range of change parts for many different tube filling machines. All of our parts are engineered and machined in the UK so you can be sure you are getting both precision and quality for your machinery.

Not looking to invest in a tube filling machine but need one for your upcoming project?
We can offer short and long term rentals on a range of machinery. This option is also ideal for companies wanting to kickstart or boost their output.

As well as offering tube filling machinery and equipment, we have also developed a range of small bench top devices ideal for sealing and testing tubes.

Want to get in touch with MSD, your tube filling consultants?
Contact us today on 01462 421400 or email us at info@msd-ltd.co.uk

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