Tube Burst Tester

Testing seal integrity of Empty or Filled tubes

A superior method of testing sealed tubes, small and consistent, the tester is best placed on the factory floor next to the filling machine as a tool for operators, setters and QC.

The MSD tube tester applies a definable and repeatable test to a filled and sealed tube. It differs from other far less repeatable methods that use compression cylinders to pinch the tube. The test is designed to stress the tube and seal internally for a set time searching for any flaw or weakness, and unlike other forms of testing it remains consistent with large, small, full or empty tubes, even when filled with aerated products.

This tube tester unlike other more crude systems gives a consistency that enables purchasing, manufacturing or QC to assess, set or check their standards.

Tube Test Process

To test a tube it first has to be inserted into the machine, access is through a hinged door at the front. The tube is screwed onto a threaded mandrel
(a change part to suit your tube), the door is closed and it is ready to test.

Depressing the start button initiates the test cycle to inflate the tube without shock and apply the set pressure for the set amount of time.
The test pressure and time are set as required before the test, or we can offer a factory set model with no external adjustment.

A pressure gauge with wiper arm shows the pressure being achieved inside the tube during the test, with the wiper arm recording the highest pressure achieved. This recording arm allows the operator to leave a test unmanned.

The process can be stopped at any time by pressing the stop button.

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