Bench Top Equipment

Over many years we have added and developed a range of very effective smaller machines and devices. Some machines are for use in small scale flexible production environments and others are also suited to QC or R+D laboratories.

Our extensive range of quality bench top equipment includes:

  • Volumetric fillers from 10 ml to 5L
  • Vacuum filler single or multi headed machines
  • Pressure Time filler for small rapid filling
  • Cap tighteners
  • Labeller
  • Plastic Tube sealing equipment
  • Tube Burst Testers and testing machines for unsealed or sealed tubes

We understand that it helps to discuss these things face-to-face and we will always make ourselves available to visit you where required. If you need parts or assistance to keep your machine working well please email us or call on +44 (0)1462 421400.


Bench Top Bottle BlowerBench Top Bottle Blower

This is a small bench top 'Bottle Blower' used to remove unwanted dust and foreign matter from the inside of bottles before they are filled, usually for clear glass or plastic bottles … Read more

tubebursttester-240x320Tube Burst Tester

A superior method of testing sealed tubes, small and consistent, the tester is best placed on the factory floor next to the filling machine as a tool for operators, setters and QC… Read more

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